The Project

In a peaceful and natural environment, Alpine Yoga aims at offering a wide range of yoga classes of different levels, styles and teachers.

With 2 yoga rooms offering classes all day long, you will be able to choose the classes matching your mood of day:

You are planning to go running, biking or skiing? Start your day with a hatha 1 class to prepare your body and mind;

It is snowing or raining all day? Choose a power 2 yoga class to burn some serious calories;

It is minus 20 degrees outside? Go for a hot yoga class for a good healthy detox sweat;

No dinner tonight? Tired after a full day of sport? The yin yang class will help you stretch, relax your mind, and get you ready for a good night’s sleep so you will be in best shape tomorrow.

 In a centrally located spacious environment (including luxurious shower and changing facilities), Alpine Yoga will fly in highly experienced yoga teachers from around the world, in addition to the resident teachers, to make your journey unique and help you reach new highs in your yoga practice, oxygenating every cell of your body with the fresh and pure air of the mountain.

And for the passionate ones, Alpine Yoga will organize intensive yoga retreats and offer organic juices, made of local products, available for those looking for a full detox experience.